Michelle Hagle

Real Estate Broker
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Real estate is a powerful thing.  Where you live becomes the center of your universe: your 'home base' and a place where memories are made.  Even an investment property can have a profound effect on your life's story when chosen correctly, it becomes long-term financial freedom and a vital part of your well-diversified portfolio.

I was born and raised in this beautiful community and have an intimate knowledge of and relationship with the people and the places of this area.  I have an enthusiasm to make my home, your home.  Serving my community for 11 years as a real estate broker.

Anchored by faith and a daily goal of doing what is right, not popular.  I would honored to guide you through the real estate process.  Whether a buyer, seller, or an investor, I think of my clients as family.  Lean on me, I am here to keep the process fluid, successful, and as low-stressed as possible.

Not quite ready to buy or sell, but curious about neighborhood options, local schools, our techniques, or current real estate "buss"? Don't be shy - reach out to me.

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